Walking in the Sky

Walking in the Sky on Where Rockies

Photo courtesy of Pursuit

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I wouldn’t consider myself afraid of heights. I’ve done via ferrata after via ferrata, including one with heli-access and a climb up wet rock by a waterfall. I’ve done heli-hiking, ziplining, gondolas, and all manner of sky-high mountain activities. But there’s heights, then there’s a swaying suspension bridge, 130 m (that’s 426 ft) in the air above a gorge with rushing water surround by mountains with nothing but my own two feet and heartbeat to get me across…

Good thing I wore my brown pants.

The Golden Skybridge spans the gorge and waterfall

130 m / 426 ft in the air above a gorge with rushing water.

The Golden Skybridge was recently added to Pursuit’s plethora of mountain activities that bring people closer to the stunning Canadian Rockies. It consists of a short hike with not one, but two awe-inspiring bridges that span across a deep canyon on the outskirts of Golden. There are more projects going into this incredible space, including a canyon swing, bungee jumping and a café. The zipline course is up and running, and many kids were taking advantage of the lines. There are currently places to get food and drink at the base of the hike, but more established plans are underway.

Even without the upcoming features, the Golden Skybridge is still a fun walk that the whole family can enjoy – provided your stomach can handle the height! The short walk takes you along the edge of the gorge, and you have great views on your way to the first bridge. There’s a viewing area to watch people crossing the bridge, and although the trail is designated “one way”, I’m sure you could turn back here if you just can’t take it! It was fun to watch families go across: some taking selfies, some posing on the bridge, some stopping to admire the scenery, and some holding on for dear life as they got across as quickly as possible.

I liked to fancy myself somewhere in the middle: I wasn’t in a rush to get over, but I also wasn’t hanging out to take too many photos!

Once across the bridge, the hike continues on the other side. Here is the zipline course, which wound through the trees and was filled with kids getting in some extra adventure. It looked like a lot of fun! And the guides looked to be having just as much fun as the kids zipping along the lines.

Kids enjoying the zipline course at the Golden Skybridge

Kids were enjoying the zipline course.

Further down is the second bridge. See here’s the thing: you go across the canyon on one bridge but you need to get back and the best way to do this while avoiding traffic jams is to have TWO bridges! While the second one is somewhat lower in the canyon, it’s still quite high, and it has the same stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Even in the smoky skies of wildfire season, the views were astounding.

Smoky skies obscured some of the view at the Golden Skybridge

Even in the smoky skies of wildfire season, the views were astounding.

The nice thing about the second bridge is you also have a great view of the first bridge higher up in the canyon. So once again you get to watch the various groups of people making their way across with either confidence or trepidation. Everyone seemed to have a lot more confidence crossing this lower bridge. After all, we’d done it once before!

A few more scenic lookouts and a nice hike back to the base completes the tour. If you’re looking to spend an afternoon in Golden with great views and some fun extras for the kids, visit the Golden Skybridge. It’s a gorgeous, unique, off the beaten path experience that will leave you with great memories and even greater photos!

Kate Barker