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As Canadian as a Canoe Main Photo

As Canadian as a Canoe

The Whyte Museum’s summer exhibit Canoe is a reflection of the Canadian icon as well as a celebration of artwork spanning over 200 years.

Best Dressed Main Photo

Best Dressed

The Canadian Rockies are known for mountain adventure, but they’re also known for unpredictable weather! Don’t let a rainy day or summer snowstorm ruin your best laid plans. Get the gear you need to get outside, right here in Banff. Helly Hansen Built for all weather, Helly Hansen builds clothing for the harsh mountain environment. […]

Casual Mountain Style Main Photo

Casual Mountain Style

Jasper is known for its small-town vibe and big mountain views. No matter what you're doing, you can capture that mountain style this summer.

Tips and tricks for lowlight photography in the Canadian Rockies Main Photo

Tips and tricks for lowlight photography in the Canadian Rockies

There are many wonderful places to photograph once the sun sets and the stars come out. Here's how to capture those lowlight shots.

Ride of a Lifetime Main Photo

Ride of a Lifetime

Horses have a long history in the Canadian Rockies and even to this day, they are an important part of the mountain landscape.

Wild Wetlands Main Photo

Wild Wetlands

The Columbia Wetlands are the largest intact wetlands in North America. They stretch between Canal Flats and Golden.