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Since having the opportunity to work on tour the triangle website and brochure and seeing stunning pictures of Wapta Falls, it has been on my must-see list. I could not believe that we have such an incredible natural attraction in our backyard. Pro tip: We do and it is worth a trip to Golden to see this beautiful waterfall.

Last year we wanted to visit Wapta Falls on our way back from the interior of BC, but I did not want to try and take my trailer down the rough road that leads to the trailhead. This year we decided to stay in Golden so we could see the falls. You can still get down the road and turn around with a trailer; it’s just a little bumpy, so go slow.

Wapta Falls is short drive from Golden going East on the Trans-Canada Highway. It’s about 5 minutes after the divided highway ends and past the rafting access to the Kicking Horse River. You can find it on the tourthetriangle.ca website map.

The 2.4 km trail to the falls is well marked and well-travelled. It’s easy to find. Our 5-year-old daughter was able to navigate the trail easily. Watch your footing around the tree roots that come across the path. The most challenging part of the hike was the last 200 meters as you navigate the riverbank down to the base of the falls.

This is a serene hike until you approach the falls. It’s unique to see the falls from above and then hike down to the base. It allows you to appreciate the awesomeness of the falls from all angles. The water has so much power at the base of the falls. The noise was intense as the water crashed into the rock wall in front of it, sending a mist into the air and making it rain on a clear mountain day. When we reached our destination, we were all feeling hot, so we welcomed the cool mist and didn’t mind getting wet. But if you hang for extended photos, you might want to bring a raincoat. Our dog was able to drink and swim to get refreshed as well.

I wanted to climb the rock wall to get a better view of the falls, but the mist made the rocks slick. My inner dad voice told me to set a good example to my 5-year-old… and I didn’t want to bleed for 2.4 km back to the truck. So I turned around. I will be better prepared for my next visit to the falls and get those ultimate views.

After taking in the majestic view, we took a few selfies with damp hair. We dried off on the warm hike back. Be sure to bring your mosquito spray.

I am grateful we were able to experience this adventure at Wapta Falls and to check this off my must-see list. Looking forward to our next adventure.

Kyle Kerpan