Safe Wildlife Watching in Banff

Safe Wildlife Watching in Banff on Where Rockies

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Banff National Park is known for its stunning scenery and as the home of grizzly bears such as The Boss and Split Lip. These bears are a big part of what makes the park special, but their presence also highlights the importance of wildlife safety and respect. Visitors need to remember key safety practices when wildlife watching: keep a safe distance, secure food away from bears, and never approach wildlife.

The Boss, bear number 122, is famous for his size and resilience, having survived encounters with trains. His tendency to come close to human areas for food, like grain spills from trains, shows why it’s crucial to manage food attractants properly.

Split Lip, bear number 136, is known for its distinctive facial scar. He competes with The Boss for territory. His behaviour, including being seen near human trails without showing aggression, reminds us that while bears can be tolerant, humans must always be cautious and follow park rules to avoid conflicts.

For those interested in learning more about grizzlies in a safe environment, Discover Banff Tours offers the Discover Grizzly Bears tour. This tour introduces visitors to Boo, a grizzly bear in a large, secure refuge in nearby Golden, BC. It’s a controlled way to learn about grizzly bear behaviour and understand conservation efforts in the Rockies.

Another great option is the Evening Wildlife Safari with Discover Banff Tours. As the sun sets, wildlife becomes more active, making it an ideal time for sightings. This guided tour travels to known wildlife hotspots, offering chances to see elk, bighorn sheep, and sometimes even a grizzly bear!

Together, these tours offer a balanced and safe way to experience the wild inhabitants of Banff National Park.

Naureen Othi