Qiviuk: Sustainable Warmth from Renewable Resources

Qiviuk: Sustainable Warmth from Renewable Resources on Where Rockies

Photo provided by Qiviuk Boutique Banff Springs

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Qiviuk, pronounced “kiv-ee-uk” or “kiv-ee-ut,” is an all-natural fibre that comes from the downy undercoat of the muskox. This undercoat keeps the animals warm in the most frigid winter conditions of the Canadian arctic. During the spring, the animals naturally shed this undercoat to prepare for the warmer summer months. For generations, Indigenous communities in the Canadian north have collected and utilized this fibre. Now, it is available everyone, exclusively in Banff and Lake Louise.

Working alongside First Nations communities, and using traditional methods that respect the animals and the land, the downy wool is collected when the animals naturally shed their coats in the spring. It is sent away to be expertly spun into wool and woven into fabric. Once it is ready, the wool is softer and warmer than cashmere.

This all-natural, renewable wool is carefully crafted into beautiful garments designed to last a lifetime. Unique designs and patterns add to the luxury of the garments. Visitors crave the exclusive garments, and they're a popular winter staple. From sweaters to vests to shirts and scarves, a Qiviuk product combines quality and beauty. Look fashionable, stay warm and do it all with a sustainable, renewable resource.

Buy exclusively at Qiviuk stores in Banff and Lake Louise.

Kate Barker