Foodies Delight in Jasper

Foodies Delight in Jasper on Where Rockies

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Jasper is known for its breathtaking beauty, endless outdoor adventures, and fantastic food scene. But with so many great places to eat, how do you even decide? Maybe you don’t have to. With the delicious food adventures offered by Jasper Food Tours, you can try it all: from backcountry cooking on a mountaintop to cruising around to delicious restaurants, and even trying out the best flavours of downtown. Jasper Food Tours has something for everyone.


Peak-Nik Dining Adventure

The fantastic and popular Peak-Nik tour includes a backcountry cooking lesson on the top of a mountain. Guests make cheese, naan, two kinds of curry, and it’s all served in a unique backcountry setting. The interpretative guide does more than just teach cooking, they also talk about the fauna, flora, and geology of the region on the way to the cookout.

This tour is so popular, it was featured in National Geographic!

Two people on a mountain top enjoying the Peak Nik tour from Jasper Food Tours

Tourism Jasper | Jasper Food Tours


Bites on E-Bikes

If a hike is more than you’re bargaining for, the Bites on E-Bikes tour is another fantastic option to explore the restaurants on Jasper that are tucked away in the wilderness. The tour rides along lakes and rivers and there are plenty of opportunities to see wildlife. The tour visits Tekarra, Elk Village, and the JPL on the golf course.

What’s more, these e-bikes are charged completely by solar power! The solar setup at Marmot Lodge means the batteries charge during the day when the panels are under the full sunshine and then the batteries charge the bikes overnight so they’re ready to go the next day. This tour is a sustainable way to see Jasper and taste the flavours this town is known for. (Side note: You can also rent these e-bikes for a DIY adventure!)

Four people with ebikes look over a scenic lake with a mountain in the background as part of the Bites on Ebikes tour with Jasper Food Tours

Tourism Jasper | Jasper Food Tours

Downtown Foodie Tour

The Downtown Foodie Tour is one of the best ways to explore the town of Jasper and taste the unique flavours of this little mountain town. This tour comes with wine pairings from a sommelier. It’s so much more than just fantastic food and drink too. The tour wanders to the best parts of town, taking in the new murals that brighten up the area with artistic masterpieces. The tour touches on the history of Jasper, the fur trade, the train, and so much more. This tour is popular with everyone, and it’s a great way to get acquainted with the quaintness of Jasper.

A group of people gather around the old steam engine at the Jasper train station as part of the Downtown Foodie Tour with Jasper Food Tours

Tourism Jasper | Jasper Food Tours


So choose your tour, and get ready for the foodie adventure of a lifetime!