Don’t Fall in Love with Jasper

Don’t Fall in Love with Jasper on Where Rockies

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From stunning mountainscapes to outdoor activities and all the fresh air you could ask for, Jasper National Park is filled with outdoor adventures. After your fun in the sun, the dining scene in Jasper is also stellar, and it features numerous restaurants with farm-to-table philosophies to truly give you a taste of place. But what is there to do after dinner? When it comes to evening entertainment, Jasper is… lacking. Until now.

After seeing a need for some evening entertainment, Pieter van Loon and Joost Tijssen formed Jasper Theater Productions, and they present their unique theatre experience From Jasper with Love.

“It’s not traditional theatre,” says van Loon. “It’s an experience. We’re welcoming you into the theatre, Yoost is serving your drink. It’s a very approachable, surprising kind of entertainment.”

The show connects visitors to Jasper through stories, comedy, and sketches that show off the beauty of the community.  It incorporates stories from Jasper’s seniors and children, adding local voices to the experience. The show outlines hilarious characters that live in a small town, from wildlife to locals and beyond. “It’s a positive, energetic show. The audience feels a little bit local for that hour.”

Both Tijssen and van Loon have a long history with theatre, and their experience shines through this production, which they wrote and directed themselves. They both attended a theatre academy in their native Holland and ran their own business for over ten years before moving to Canada. During that time, they dabbled in different aspects of performing arts, from traditional theatre to improv, all of which come to play in From Jasper with Love.

“We want to make people feel like a local. They have a little more feeling for the town and community of Jasper. They learn the stories and the feelings. That’s something that makes us different and a one of a kind thing. The natural beauty is already a given: it’s there. It’s gorgeous. Once you hear stories about it, it comes to life.”

So take an evening to experience this uniquely Jasper theatre event. Shows run at the Skyline Theatre in the Lobstick Lounge. Book your tickets online, and get ready to discover Jasper like never before. The only thing for the audience to do is try and not fall in love!

Kate Barker