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Online Ad Specs


Ad Specs

  • Colour & Resolution: 72dpi files in RGB colour format
  • Safe Area: a smaller dimension than your final ad size. This is where you should place your most important information within your design. Any content outside of this area is at risk of interference! We recommend a 25px safe boarder for your ads.
  • URL: Please provide us with the URL that will link to your ad. This may be a website or social media page.
  • Animation: Accepted in GIF format.
  • Timed Impressions: Additional charges may apply.

Need help with your design?


Ad production is available by our professional design team at RMV Creative. First 30 mins of production time is included in the ad price. Time after 30 mins is billed at studio rates of $100/hr.

File Formats

Please provide assets such as logos & imagery as 72dpi JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF or Photoshop files (.PSD).

Art Department Contact

Contact Damian at 403-678-1882, or email