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Banff’s Favourite Restaurants — An Essential Overview Of The Local Dining Scene. Widely Circulated In Print And Online — A Proven Medium To Attract Customers.

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The Best Choice for your Advertising Dollars

  • Low rates: Your full page ad gets to prospective in-market diners for less than 3 cents per copy.
  • Comprehensive & frequent distribution by IMPACT! Brochure systems: 90,000 Copies annually! Vans staffed by professional distributors continually circulate to 120+ Banff and area visitor centres, hotels, B&Bs, attractions, shops and restaurants.
  • NEW Elegant design & layout, quality paper: The 4" wide by 11" high size sits above standard brochures in racks while the striking presentation effectively promotes your restaurant to prospective diners.
  • Listing in Where Canadian Rockies Magazine: Where lists your restaurant in the Banff dining section of its magazine - 410,000 copies annually over two issues.
  • Listing on where.ca: Your restaurant is listed with Google maps, on one of Canada’s premier travel sites. Readers can share listings by Twitter, Facebook or email.

A Page on Banff's Best Restaurant Guide Website

  • High traffic / a Google top pick banffdiningguide. com is accessed 88,000 times annually by diners who log over 210,000 page views. Visitors use the site to make decisions about where to eat.
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  • Many online features: Your banffdiningguide.com pages describes your restaurant and menu, and hosts your photos, video, logo and Google map locator. Smartphone users click to-call reservations and there are links to your website, email and social media. Readers can share your page on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter. This responsive and mobile-friendly site offers specials and coupon sections, advanced search capabilities and insightful blogs.

Ad Rates & Services: 2018/19

  • Full Page (print), online presentation (banffdiningguide.com) and Where listing includes an credit toward a year round Where Canadian Rockies magazine ad of 1/3 page or larger, or a credit toward year-round Where advertising of 1/12 or 1/6 page. Editorial includes: atmosphere, menu, prices, hours, contact info, 1-4 images (client supplied), logo and unique selling proposition of your restaurant.
  • NEW for 2019 - Double Page Spread colour (print) and website presentation (banffdiningguide.com) includes the same credit toward year round Where Canadian Rockies as a full page. Editorial includes: all same material as a Full Page with the addition of up to 2 more images (client supplied), signature dishes and a recipe.
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  • Services for food/lifestyle/editorial and product photography are available *May be subject to additional charges.

Important Dates:

  • Banff Dining Guide will be available June 2019
  • Sales close May 3, 2019
  • Ad approvals close May 10, 2019


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