Dining Guide Ad Production - Where Canadian Rockies

Dining Guide Print Specs

Ad Dimensions (Width x Height)
Ad Size Trim Size Bleed Safe Area
Editorial One Page n/a n/a n/a
Editorial Two Page Spread n/a n/a n/a
Display Ad Full Page 4in x 10.875in 4.25in x 11.125in 3.5in x 10.375in
Display Ad Back Cover 4in x 10.875in 4.25in x 11.125in 3.5in x 10.375in
Display 1/2 Page Ad 3.5in x 5.05625in n/a n/a
Online Full Page n/a n/a n/a
Online Banner Ad 728px x 90px n/a n/a

Production Information

Only 0.125 in.

Safe Area
This is an area inside the trim. Safe area is a smaller dimension than your final ad size and is important to
pay attention to because this is where you should place your most important information within your design. Any content outside of this area is in risk of being cut off or interfered with!

Production Costs
Ad production if required is available by our professional design team at RMV Creative. First 30 mins of production time is included in the ad price. Time after 30 mins is billed at studio rates of $100/hr.

File Formats
Provide images as 300 dpi TIFF or jpg files, logos as EPS files, and ad layouts and working files as InDesign or Press optimized PDF’s. Art Department contact: graphics@rmvpublications.com
Damian: 403-678-1882

Important Dates

Booking deadline is May 3, 2019. Digital files are due one week later. Ads booked and supplied well before the deadlines are appreciated. Dining Guide will be available June 2019.


Accounts are payable net 30 days, subject to credit approval. Interest of 1% per month is charged on overdue accounts.

For more information, please contact your sales representative:

Ken Wetherell

Kyle Kerpan

Warren Mackie