Night Tubing at Mt Norquay
By Kate Barker

We wanted something fun and exciting to do on a Friday night, so we tried night tubing at Mount Norquay. To be honest, we weren’t really sure what to expect. The runs were bright from the floodlights and there tunes pumpin’ from an old catski parked beside the lift. Nearby, skiers got in some evening runs after the sun went down. The whole atmosphere was relaxed and fun, exactly what you want on a Friday evening!

We could go down the hill together or individually. We did our first run conjoined, getting a sense for what this experience was all about. Our first impression: WOW that was fast! We ended our run laughing and snowy from spinning through the chute.

On our way back up the Magic Carpet, I saw somebody doing a fast spin – starting out in a starfish position then tucking into a fetal pose while the tube spun. “I want to do THAT!” I said, feeling the excitement build. So I ditched my partner for a solo run down the lane spinning as fast as I could. My brains were scrambled by the end, and I had to sit on the edge of my tube for a moment to gather my wits before standing up. It was a laugh!

I got really good at the fast spin. There’s a specific time when you have to “Tuck!” and although the person spinning you tells you the best time, you learn to feel it. You also learn how to tuck with the g-forces pulling your limbs in different directions. Also, you have to make sure you’re not touching the bottom of the tube – this creates traction and slows you down. There’s a surprising amount of physics involved in accomplishing the fastest run down the tube chute!

We stopped for a sugar break halfway through the night. Hot chocolate and candy bars – perfect! After our warm up, we returned for more great runs and more laughter.

This experience was hilarious fun. If you’re looking for something fast and easy to top off your day, try night tubing at Norquay. It’s just outside of Banff, it’s fast and it’s way more fun than you expect!

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